Cybin X Kernel: A New Frontier in Psychedelic Therapeutics

About the Partnership

Cybin will leverage Kernel’s Flow to quantify brain activity during psychedelic experiences in real time, adding an exciting dimension to its investigative work focused on developing breakthrough therapeutics for mental health disorders.

About Kernel Flow

Kernel Flow is a non-invasive brain interface which records real-time, cortical hemodynamics to establish precise patterns of brain activity. Our whole head coverage brain interface connects easily via USB-C and features:

Source Detector Pairs
690 nm 850nm
200 Hz
Sampling Frequency

University of Washington

Cybin has formed a strategic collaboration with the University of Washington and is co-sponsoring a trial that aims to treat symptoms of depression, anxiety, burnout and post-traumatic stress among frontline doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals through psychedelic therapeutics.

The trial will be led by Dr. Anthony Back and be hosted in Seattle, a city hard hit by an early coronavirus outbreak.

Greenbrook TMS

Cybin and Greenbrook are both on a mission to assist individuals suffering from depression and the synergistic opportunity to combine forces was evident. Cybin and Greenbrook will work together to establish Mental Health Centers of Excellence for the purpose of facilitating research and development of innovative psychedelic compound-based therapeutics for patients suffering from depression. The network of outpatient mental health service centers that Greenbrook has built over the years will provide Cybin a leading market advantage to resources and patients that can assist in accelerating clinical study programs in the US as patient access regularly becomes a hurdle in this specific process.